The Firm has substantial experience in working with land owners and developers in establishing special districts and serving as general counsel to the special districts upon formation.  Special districts are utilized by land owners and developers to assist in the financing, construction, operations and maintenance of public improvements, facilities, and services located within and without the boundaries of the special district.

Special districts may issue tax-exempt debt to fund infrastructure capital projects and typically establish property-tax and service-charge revenue streams to retire their debt and fund ongoing operations and maintenance.  This approach allows the funding of infrastructure at tax exempt rates and repays borrowing for infrastructure by the current and future property owners who enjoy the benefits of that infrastructure.

Completed public infrastructure is either (a) dedicated to the municipalities or counties in which they are located or (b) owned, operated and maintained by the special district.  Which route is taken is a matter of negotiation between owner/developer and the relevant municipality or county.

Also see Public Infrastructure Development.