Working with land owners and developers, Icenogle Seaver Pogue, P.C. provides legal advice and counseling on the use of various funding mechanisms for infrastructure for land development for all manner of public, residential, commercial and retail land uses.

The Firm works with land owners, community groups, municipalities, counties and combinations of those groups in establishing legal entities to finance, construct and operate all types of infrastructure and provide various types of services.  The type of entity selected at the outset may determine the success of any project, whether that project, for example, comprises bricks and mortar or recreational programs. The firm can assist in analyzing a client’s needs and goals, recommending the type of funding and/or operating entity and creating that entity under applicable law.

Types of entities available to the firm’s clients include:
  • Colorado metropolitan districts, with two or more public purposes
  • Colorado single-purpose special districts
  • Local improvement districts
  • New Mexico infrastructure development zones
  • Regional authorities, comprising counties, municipalities, districts
  • Public improvement corporations (63-20s)
  • Intergovernmental agreement or joint powers entities
  • Partnerships and joint ventures
Entity selection involves consideration of project purposes, desired funding sources and ongoing governance needs.  After selection, Icenogle Seaver Pogue, P.C. will provide the legal services needed to organize and establish the entity.