Colorado municipalities and counties have turned to the attorneys at Icenogle Seaver Pogue, P.C. to establish or provide legal services to a number of public-public partnerships.

In the public-public context, “partnership” is an apt term for multi-jurisdictional creatures, either created or enabled by state law and involving two or more municipalities, counties or other political subdivisions. This unique area of practice involves providing legal services to the partnership entity (usually an authority), while working with municipal and county elected officials, senior staff and legal counsel to achieve success in the projects for which the partnership was created.

By way of example, our attorneys represent these public-public partnerships:
  • E-470 Public Highway Authority, comprising three counties and five municipalities, operating a 47-mile beltway toll road in the Denver metropolitan area
  • Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority, comprising four municipalities and one county constituting the Colorado Springs metropolitan area, providing $70 million per year for transportation capital projects, street maintenance and transit from sales tax
  • Northwest Parkway Public Highway Authority, comprising one municipality and one county, owner of a nine-mile beltway toll road