Special District Association Annual Conference
In September 2017, Tamara Seaver and Jennifer Ivey presented a continuing legal education session entitled “True Crime and Lesser Known Statutory Violations” at the 2017 Special District Association (SDA) Annual Conference in Keystone, Colorado. The session focused on the potential liability that can result from willful and wanton acts which are not protected under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, taking actions when a director has a conflict of interest and violations of the Election Laws, Colorado Open Meetings Law, and Colorado Open Records Act. In addition, Tamara and Jennifer discussed a number of lesser known statutory provisions and requirements which can become pitfalls when unwittingly violated.

Tamara and Jennifer have presented at the SDA Annual Conference 4 out of the last 5 years. Listed below are the titles of their previous sessions:
2015: “Special District Directors: Transparency and Public Trust-Myths and Realities”
2014: “Districts on Trial: Recent Case Law Developments”
2013: “Public vs. Private – The Role of Developers in Special Districts”

Local Government Law
In April 2017, Tamara Seaver and Jennifer Ivey collaborated on “Special Districts: Looking Forward and the Overlooked,” a continuing legal education session at the Local Government Law Course in Denver, Colorado. The session focused on the Future of Colorado’s Special Districts, particularly in light of some recent legal challenges, and on little-known legal requirements.

ISP Leads Analysis of “Ugly 3” Ballot Issues at Special District Conference
At the September, 2010 annual  conference of the Colorado Special District Association, ISP attorneys led an analysis and discussion of pending changes to Colorado law, which changes would have placed new restrictions on Colorado state and local government. Alan Pogue, Tamara Seaver and Deborah Early led a discussion among Colorado attorneys specializing in representation of special districts (including metropolitan districts, water and sanitation and fire districts) as to potential analyses and interpretations of proposed state constitutional amendments 60 and 61 and statutory initiative proposition 101. The program, conducted as the attorney’s section of the annual statewide conference, attracted several hundred attorneys, elected officials and district managers, as well as persons interested in the potential impacts of the proposed ballot legislation.

ISP’s Tamara Seaver Publishes Analysis on Use of Enterprises
Based upon ISP’s representation of numerous Colorado public entities which are or own so-called TABOR enterprises, Tamara Seaver authored an article on legal issues associated with the use of such enterprises. Her article was published in a spring issue of the Colorado Special District Association monthly magazine. TABOR is the informal name given Article 20, Section 10 of the Colorado Constitution, enacted by Colorado voters in 1992 as a curb on government spending and debt at the state and local levels. TABOR allows for government-owned businesses, which may operate free of some substantial aspects of TABOR restrictions. Ms. Seaver’s article informed special district elected directors and attorneys regarding the use of enterprises by Colorado special districts.